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Real Comments

  • "Over the past ten years through 3 surgeries, Ginger's expertise with Massage Cupping enhanced my recovery."

    Patty Murphy 

  • " You have made significant improvements in my quality of life with improved mobility and decreased pain."

    Dave Reed

  • "You are the PERFECT solution to fixing my bad days!"

    Mary Thompson

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic MassageTherapeutic Massage
Men, women and children come to me for massage therapy for a number of reasons.

Whether you have an acute muscle injury or a chronic, aching injury, massage can help. Massage can stop spasming muscles, stretch and realign muscle fibers and fascia, break up scar tissue, release old trigger points and remove waste and debris from injured muscles allowing new blood to circulate, bringing in fresh oxygen to cells and tissue. This will speed the healing of the damaged muscle while relieving pain and discomfort.

Here are a few of the reasons my clients seek the benefits of massage:

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It is common nowadays for doctors to write referrals for massage therapy. Whether for auto crash injuries, Labor and Industry accidents, sports injuries or post operation recovery, massage therapy is recognized today as a significant part of the recovery and healing process.


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 "I have been fortunate to be associated with Ginger over the past ten years and through three surgeries-her expertise in massage and cupping enhanced my recovery and was a excellent complementary therapy to my re-hab.  As an active,angling athlete she helps me to keep moving and to stay healthy and moving freely-couldn't do life without her help!"

Patty Murphy ATRIC
Assistant Aquatic Director/Sr Adjunct Faculty Whitworth University


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