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Real Comments

  • "Over the past ten years through 3 surgeries, Ginger's expertise with Massage Cupping enhanced my recovery."

    Patty Murphy 

  • " You have made significant improvements in my quality of life with improved mobility and decreased pain."

    Dave Reed

  • "You are the PERFECT solution to fixing my bad days!"

    Mary Thompson

Cancer Patient Support Colors

Cancer Ribbon Colors
Colors selected to represent various kinds of cancer & cancer support

Make a statement about your cancer (or your support for your loved one battling cancer):


     general cancer awareness: lavender
  childhood cancers: gold
  teen cancer: white & teal stripe
  brain cancer: grey
  breast cancer: pink
  colon cancer: brown or royal blue
  kidney cancer: kelly green
  leukemia: orange
  lung cancer: clear
  lymphoma: lime green
  melanoma: black
  multiple myeloma: burgundy
  oral, head & neck cancer: beige & burgundy
  ovarian cancer: teal
  pancreatic cancer: purple
  prostate cancer: blue
  sarcoma: bright yellow

Here is an article on alternative therapies for cancer patients.

cancer ribbons

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